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Welcome to the Median 2008 Wiki!

Median 2008 is a mod for Diablo II Lord of Destruction (V1.10 - 1.13) by Brother Laz. It used to be downloadable from [WWW]his old site. The mod makes massive modifications to the game's classes, and, well, there are some less than exhaustively covered topics in the documentation.

Median 2008 is no longer supported by Brother Laz. Median XL is his new mod. It is similar to 2008 with some changes, and lots of new things. Note, Median XL is much easier then Median 2008, and most people that still play Median 2008 play it for the extreme level of difficulty. Those interested in Median XL can download it from [WWW]His new site

Are you a new player? Then you should read this short tutorial!

The mission of this wiki is to expand the descriptions past generalities. A good example of an article that gives enough information is Dark King. If you feel like contributing, please do so in the best kind of grammar/spelling you can if possible. Try and avoid "OMG 'tis gr8 stuf". All editing and contribution is appreciated and if someone needs help with spelling/language please ask. Thank you in advance!

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